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A concise and systematic creation to the idea of compact attached Lie teams and their representations, in addition to an entire presentation of the constitution and category conception. It makes use of a non-traditional process and association. there's a stability among, and a average blend of, the algebraic and geometric facets of Lie conception, not just in technical proofs but additionally in conceptual viewpoints.

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Those notes are according to a sequence of seminar lectures given throughout the 1951 Spring time period on the Institute for complex examine. as a result of obstacles of time basically specific issues have been thought of, and there's no declare to completeness. because it is meant to submit later a extra entire remedy of. the topic, reviews approximately those notes in addition to suggcstions in regards to the desirabili ty of including similar themes could be favored and will be addressed to the writer on the Hebrew college, Jerusalem, Israel.

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We're all conversant in the typical proposal of two-sided symmetry, as considered for instance within the exterior type of the human physique. yet in its broadest interpretation symmetry is a estate which consists of regularity and repetition. during this experience symmetry are available all over the place, in particular in technological know-how and paintings.

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The sort of result we have in mind here, in contrast to the type of result to be proved in the earlier part of Chapter 3, is for example: in such-and-such a group the maximal p-subgroups are all conjugate. In order to obtain such a result heavy restrictions have to be imposed upon the group and a large number of nasty examples of every shade and hue have been amassed. See for example K O V ~ CNeumann S, and de Vries [l 1, B. 3 and Heineken’s example given in the Introduction. Because of this the usefulness of such results seems to be virtually nil, at least to date, and this topic forms no natural part of our narrative.

2 Lemma. Every group satisfying rnin is periodic. By considering an infinite, elementary abelian p-group, one realises that Min # LMin (otherwise, of course, the class L s of all locally finite groups would be contained in Mm). But fortunately, a slightly restricted local theorem still holds. 3 Lemma. If every countable subgroup of the group G satisjes min, then G E Min. 30 BASIC METHODS, CONCEPTS AND EXAMPLES [CH. 1, 9E Proof. If this were not so, then in the group G there would be an infinite, strictly descending chain {Gi}, Gi 3 G i + l , of subgroups.

5. 5. 4 can be found in Blackburn [l] and, at least implicitly, in the works of Cernikov. 6 Proposition. If a locally Jinite p-group G contains a maximal elementary abelian subgroup E which is$nite, then G is a Cernikov group. CH. 1, 8 GI THE MINIMAL CONDITION ON ABELIAN SUBGROUPS 41 Proof. Consider for the moment a vector space V over a field of characteristic p and a finite elementary abelian p-group E of automorphisms of V. We claim that C,E has dimension at least [IEI-' dim V ] (trivially it is a subspace).

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