A Record of the Buddhist Religion as Practised in India and by J. Takakusu PDF

By J. Takakusu

An creation to I-tsing's (Yijing) list of the Buddhist faith as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)
The written documents of his 25-year travels contributed to the worldknowledge of the traditional country of Srivijaya, in addition to offering information regarding the opposite kingdoms mendacity at the path among China and the Nālandā Buddhist collage in India.

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Xxxi This country is, I heard, in the direction of the south-west limit Shu-ch'uan ( Ssu-ch'uan, in China). This island does not produce iron at all ; gold and silver also are rare. The natives live solely on cocoa-nuts (nalikera) and tubers ; there is not much rice. And therefore what they hold most precious and valuable is Loha 1 , which is the name for iron in this country. These people are not black, and are of medium height. They are skilled in making round chests of rattan ; no other country can equal them.

The above eleven islands are, according to the author, enumerated from the 1 Karte von Alt-Indien zu Prof. Lassen's Indischer Alterthumskunde, Bonn, 1 853. Book 2 2 2 ; see also the Essays on Indo-China, second series, vol. i, p: 207. Some Chinese accounts of the Andaman Islands (Chinese, Yen-t'o-mang ; Japanese, An-da-ban) also agree with I-tsing's, e. g. nakedness, iron, &c. j they were, of course, the same race. Chao-ju-kua's description of it was given by Dr. Hirth, J. A. S. China, vol. xxii, Notes and Queries, p.

Cf. , Khandh. ) 1 The Sung-kao-seng-ch'uan, chap. p. 1 93 seq. i (Nanjio's CataL, No. 1 495) ; Chavanlles, Memoirs, xxxviii GELVERA L INTR OD UC TION. He thus represented the whole texts of the Vinaya belonging to his own Nikaya, and founded a new school for the study of this branch of Buddhist literature in China. He died A. D . 7 1 3, in his seventy-ninth year. His life and works are greatly commended by the emperor Chung-tsung, his contemporary, in the preface to the Tripi/aka Catalogue. N OTES O N SOME G EOGRA P H I CA L N A �I ES.

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