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Evidence links low folate intake with neural tube defects in the fetus; therefore it is recommended that all women capable of becoming pregnant consume 400 μg from supplements or fortified foods in addition to intake of food folate from the diet. Nutrition RDAs or AIs by age and gender for energy and for select macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other food components (fiber). Table 4-5 Calcium Content of Selected Calcium-Rich Foods Food and Serving Size Energy Energy, expressed in kilocalories (kcals), is the chemical fuel that drives all physiological functions.

Interim Visit Whether the care is acute or routine, every visit can be used to screen for and educate about violence. The parent who expresses concern about an adolescent’s obsession with violent media or video games may be describing an inappropriate coping strategy in which violence has become escapism, fantasy, and desensitized. The patient so used to violence that it is seen as normative or who sees it as the appropriate way to handle stress or conflict is clearly at risk. A parent who had been disciplined violently may know no other way to raise children and will not be prepared to handle the disagreements of adolescence.

108–110. Neinstein LS, Schack LE: Nutrition. In Neinstein LS (ed): Adolescent Health Care: A Practical Guide. Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002, pp. 170–185. Neovius M, Linne Y, Rossner S: BMI, waist-circumference and waist-hip-ratio as diagnostic tests for fatness in adolescents. Int J Obes (Lond) 2002;29:163–169. : Are family meal patterns associated with disordered eating behaviors among adolescents? J Adolesc Health 2004;35:350–359. Overweight children and adolescents 6–19 years of age, according to sex, age, race, and Hispanic origin: United States, selected years 1963–65 through 1999–2002.

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