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By Morrison H. Heckscher

Историческая хроника развития стиля Рококо в мебели и разнообразных предметах, и следы его развития в Новом Свете. Множество оригинальных идей для творческих людей и любителей деревообработки.
Chronicles the origins of the Rococo kind in furnishings and lines its improvement within the New World.
A lot of unique rules for artistic humans and woodworkers

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4), datin g fro m 1775, th e fin est A mer ica n Re v ol ut ion ar y flag in exis te nce. A s tan da rd, o r "colors," se rved to id ent ify a part icul ar m ilita ry unit . " The Revo lu tio na ry s ta n da rds we re ge ne ra lly of s ilk, w h ic h u nfu rle d eas ily in a br eeze , of a so lid co lo r p ainted or embroidere d wi t h ap pro p ria te sy m bols and emble ms. Th e rococo part of th e Light H o rse stan da rd is its central her aldi c carto uchc, strongly asy m me trical and co m posed o f adjoining C-scro lls, w h ich encloses a cen t ra l go lde n kn ot ti ed of thirteen radi atin g ribbon s, sy mbolizing th e united co lo nies.

8) . There is n othin g els e of quite thi s grand eur fr om co lo n ia l Americ a. " Wh il e th e re is pr ob abl y a g rea te r numb er of fin e preR e vol uti on a r y h ou ses in Vir gini a th an in any oth er state , there is a pa uc ity o f a rc h itec tu ra l ornam ent in the rococo style. N on e ex ists eve n in Willi am sburg, th e co lo nial capital, th ou gh carve rs th er e ar e kn o wn to h ave fabri cated ro co co furnit ur e (see N o . (23 ) . E x cept for papicr-mach e ornaments ad de d abo u t 176 2 to th e front-hall and drawing-room ce ilin g s a t W est o v er , built a bo u t 1731- 3 5 b y William B yrd ( 1674- 174 4) o n the J am es River not far from Willi amsburg,';' there was no co m pe lling fashi on for th e style in th e Tidewater re gi on .

133 ) at the Phil adelphia Museum o f Art. On occas io n, th e Phil ad elphi a s ty le of arc h itec ture sp rea d so u t h to De lawa re an d th e East ern Sho re of M ar yland . S wa n 's eng rave d d esi gn s we re u sed at th e Co r b it hou se, be gun in O dessa, D elawar e, in 1772, but witho ut th e ro co co ca rv ing. H Ju st th e o p posite occu rred in tw o hou ses in Qu een Ann es Co u n ty, M ar yland . At C lover field s. built for Willi am H en sley, th ere is a ch im ney piece w ith simi lariti es to th o se at M acPh er son' s Mount Pl easant ; at Ches terto wn.

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