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Y. orogenies nor for minor orogenies of other ages. ). y. and involves an evolving convection system beginning with many small cells which increase in size and eventually fuse giving rise t o one earth-wide cell. Widespread orogeny occurs at the beginning of each cycle and is caused by the existence of many small convection cells. Why such a cycle should repeat itself four times during earth history is not specified in the model. R. St. J. y. event may be related to the onset of deep convection in the earth.

1978a). y. (Venkatasubramanian, 1974; Radhakrishna and Vasudev, 1977). , the age of intrusive granites (S. Moorbath, unpublished data, 1980). y. , 1978). Europe Ko la Pro u ince The Kola Province underlies an area of about 600,000 km2 in the northeastern part of the Baltic Shield (Fig. 1-17). , 1978). , 1978). The contacts of the province are not well known. The western boundary appears t o be gradational with the Svecofennian mobile belt on the west. , 1978). In general, the province is characterized by a NNW structural grain (Fig.

D. Nimini Hills succession, Sierra Leone (after Williams, 1978). 51 The Bulawayan-Shamvaian Groups The Bulawayan Group is a lithostratigraphic group exposed in most of the Archean greenstone belts in Rhodesia (Fig. 1-12). One of the best exposed sections is in the Midlands belt west of Que Que (Harrison, 1970; Bliss, 1970) where a minimum of 17 km of the combined Bulawayan and Shamvaian Groups is exposed (Fig. 2-2B). The lowest exposed formation, the Mafic Formation, is intruded by the Rhodesdale batholith or ultramafic bodies.

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