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By Parmanad Sharma, Parmananda Sharma

Kamalasila is a kind of unique acharyas who went to Tibet from India, stayed there and wrote scholarly treatises on Buddha dharma. the current paintings is the first-ever English rendering from unique Sanskrit, instructed by way of the Dalai Lama.

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And take only limited, conducive food. Thus should a bodhisattva, who has accumulated all the collections of 'samatha ' and 'vipasyana', enter meditation Cbhavana'). BHA V ANAKRAMA-II 59 Now, at the time of practising 'bhavana', the yogi should, first of all, finish up his routine acts, be done with toilet etc. ' in an extremely easy pose, 52eyes neither too open nor too closed, fixing the gaze on the tip of the nose, nor bending the body too much nor keeping it too erect, keeping the body at ease, turning recollectedness inwards, the bodhisattva should make himself seated.

Since time immemorial the ignorant persons see their mind alone as over-casting external forms like the emergence of forms in a dream. 'In the ultimate sense (' paramartha ') these forms etc. are not different from the forms of the mind,' - this is how one should ponder over. Thus, the seeker should regard the 'tri-dhatu' as mind alone. 50 concluding the mind to be manifesting all dharmas and analysing them, he realises the nature of all dharmas and of the mind too. Thus, does the yogi reflect.

Now 'pudgala nairatmaya', is the non-self and non-l-ness of 'skandhas' and 'dharma-nairatyrna' is the delusion thereof. The yogi must examine this. There is no 'pudgala' separate from 'r upa ' or form etc. owing to its non-reflection (apratibhasa)" and the factors like 'I am' are born from form (rupa) etc. only; nor is 'pudgala' of the nature of 'rupaskandhas' (form-heaps) etc. because form etc. are transitory and various by nature and 'pudgala' has been imagined by some as permanent and of one form.

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