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The result is oxygen deficiency and development of H2S not only in the sediment but also in the bottom water. g. 5-1 m above the bottom)are reached, and the effect of the fauna can be deleterious even above 20 m. Figs 3 and 4 reveal that there was an almost complete breakdown of the fauna in the surrounding area in 1973. g. g. by the cumacean Diastylis rathkei, the mysid Gastrosaccus spinifer and the polychaete Harmothoe sarsi, only a few benthic organisms survive a breakdown such as that in 1973 at 20 m.

Three-spined sticklebacks made up 11 per cent of the total bio­ mass. They were dominant only in June-July 1976 (Table 2). The seasonal variations in biomass are shown in Fig. 3. The minnows made up 53 per cent of the biomass in August 1975 but were on the whole of relative little importance as their total biomass was only 2 per cent of the total. Flounders were present throughout 19 76 but contrary to abundance they were never dominant with regard to biomass. Diversity Shannon-Weaver diversity indices have been calculated for each sampling occasion for both numbers and biomasses.

Sand gobyf 0 = Three-spined stickleback, ■ = Nine-spined stickleback, D = Black gobyf Δ = Flounder and A = Minnow. ). 371 specimens were caught and thereby made up 28 per cent of the total number. This species was present in 38 per cent of the drops. Their occurrence was predominantly in the period May-July. Table 2 shows that they were dominant in July 19 75, June and July 1976. ygo6to,u6 piingltlm^ L. ) all made up more than 10 per cent of the total catch (Table 1 ) . 5 per cent. Nine-spined sticklebacks were present in 35 per cent of the drops.

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