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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

The osteology of the Ross seal (Ommatophoca rossi) is defined. The bones of this species heavily resemble these of Leptonychotes, the single different Monachinae for which a common osteology is accessible. The hand and foot of Ommatophoca are particularly longer than these of alternative phocids, and a number of other features of this seal are adaptative alterations for swimming and for swallowing huge prey. attainable sexual discriminating features are mentioned.


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25, 1970 Nov. 25, 1970 Dec. 1, 1970 Nov. 30, 1970 Dec. 1, 1970 Dec. 4, 1970 Dec. 4, 1970 Dec. 7, 1970 Dec. 7, 1970 Dec. 7, 1970 Dec. 10, 1970 Dec. 10, 1970 Dec. 11, 1970 Dec. 11, 1970 Dec. 14, 1970 Dec. 14, 1970 Dec. 14, 1970 Dec. 14, 1970 Dec. 17, 1970 Dec. 17-18, 1970 Dec. 18, 1970 Dec. 21, 1970 Dec. 21, 1970 Dec. 21, 1970 Jan. 1, 1971 Jan. 1, 1971 Jan. 4, 1971 Jan. 4-5, 1971 Jan. 5, 1971 Jan. 9 , 1971 Jan. 9, 1971 Jan. 9'E , 4 8 ° 5 3 . 1 E , , , , , Copyright American Geophysical Union 50°16 S, 50°17'S, 54°05'S, 54°12'S, 59°15'S, 59°18'S, 59°12'S, 115°41 E 115°39'E 115°02 E 115°05'E 114°58 E 114°57'E 114°59 E 62°22 S, 64°23'S, 64°22 S, 64°24'S, 114°33'E 114°19 E 114°20 E 105°00'E 64°25'S, 64°24'S, 63°43'S, 63°38'S, 63°31 S, 63°18 S, 63°21'S, 63°25 S, 63°10 S, 105°04'E 104°37'E 94°54'E 94°55'E 95°00'E 90°13'E 90°08'E 89°56'E 75°17'E , , , , , , , , , , , , , 56°05'S, 73°41'E 56°02'S, 73°37'E 50°15'S, 74°26'E , 900-0 Antarctic Research Series Biology of the Antarctic Seas IX PARK: CALANOID COPEPODS OF SCOLECITHRICELLA Vol.

02 mm) Total: 140F and 11M Eltanin Cruise 17 m, IF m, IF m, 3F m, IF m, IF m, IF m, IF 43 Eltanin Cruise 35 Sta. 26, 2560-0 62, 1251-0 63, 1251-0 77, 836-0 80, 625-0 85, 625-0 88, 2502-0 SCOLECITHRICELLA Eltanin Cruise 26 Scolecithricella schizosoma, n. sp. Figs. 8 and 9 Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Vol. 82 mm) Eltanin Cruise 21 Sta. 98 mm) Sta. 272, 1000-0 m, IF Eltanin Cruise 23 Sta. 78 mm) Sta. 80 mm) Female. 16 mm. Very close morphologically to Scolecithricella dentata but, as described below, shows enough differences from it to warrant the separate species status.

Male: a, habitus, lateral; b, forehead, lateral; c, rostrum, anterior; d, anten­ na; e, mandible; / , maxillule; g, distal part of maxilla; h, maxilliped; i, second leg, posterior; a n d f i f t h pair of legs, anterior. spiniform process along external margin as in S. den­ tata. Second leg coxa with a conspicuous patch of spinules on external edge. Second exopodal segment in second and third legs with a large central patch of spinules on posterior surface. Fifth leg (Figure 80) 1-segmented, elongated lamelliform, smoothly curved inward, attached to common basal coupler, with a small distal spine and large inner spine.

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