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Through the use of an issues-oriented method quantity four - Plant constitution and serve as from Biology: The solidarity and variety of existence, 12e grabs scholar curiosity with real-life concerns that hit domestic. this article contains new insurance and pedagogy that encourages scholars to imagine significantly approximately hot-button concerns and contains remarkable new gains that take scholars past memorization and inspire them to invite questions in new methods as they learn how to interpret information.

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Late wood indicates that a tree did not waste energy making large-diameter xylem cells for water uptake during a dry summer or drought. 20 Animated Structure of wood. secondary phloem. Then, another lateral meristem, the cork cambium, forms and gives rise to periderm. This dermal tissue consists of parenchyma and cork, as well as the cork cambium that produces them. What we call bark is secondary phloem and periderm. 20a). The cork component of bark has densely packed rows of dead cells, the walls of which are thickened with a fatty substance called suberin.

In early wood, cells have diameters, a. small; thick c. large; thick b. small; thin d. large; thin 1. Is the plant with the yellow flower above a eudicot or a monocot? What about the plant with the purple flower? 10. Match each plant part with a suitable description. apical meristem a. massive secondary growth lateral meristem b. source of primary growth xylem c. distribution of sugars phloem d. source of secondary growth vascular cylinder e. distribution of water wood f. central column in roots ᭿ Visit CengageNOW for additional questions.

Jamestown was established at the head of an estuary; when the river levels dropped, their drinking water supply mixed with ocean water and became salty. Piecing together these bits of evidence gives us an idea of what life must have been like for the early settlers. 22 (a) Location of two of the early American colonies. (b) Rings of a bald cypress tree, transverse section. This tree was living when English colonists first settled in North America. Narrower annual rings mark years of severe drought.

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