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Be on the lookout for painful fingers, tingling in the hands and wrists, loss of manual dexterity and finger blanching. Early warning symptoms are any loss of sensation in the nerves, muscles, bones, or joints in the hands, wrists, or arms. disease. Working at night would not normally attract the attention of a conscientious manager who is looking for health and body care risks. But the link has now been made. New research has shown that the constant switching of sleeping patterns and changes in routine that night shift workers have to endure places a significant risk on the heart with the increased likelihood of heart disease.

Governments have taken on the role of prosecutors in the case of industrial accidents and have been known to send managers to court for manslaughter in severe incidents. Companies are now aware that they have to be on their guard not only against private litigation brought by injured or sick workers but also against government agencies which have been specifically set up to monitor the health of employees. Labor unions have been very instrumental in bringing this situation about, and the evolution of government regulation has run hand-in-hand with the development of increasingly sophisticated and high-powered labor unions during the twentieth century.

Boot spent around $6 million on houses, parks and other facilities for his staff but, until the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was an exception. During the last twenty to thirty years, there has been a considerable revolution in workers’ health care that goes well beyond a desire for profitability or fear of litigation. Some managers today do genuinely care about their workforce, and seek to provide as much as is possible and practical in the way of comfort and freedom from risk. Economic factors The UK government started a massive public awareness campaign in 1995 entitled Good Health is Good Business.

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