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In the case of others, again, subsequent to the thne of their attending by way of counting, as the distress of their body is more and more appeased by the gradual stopping of their coarser in-breathings and out-breathings, both their body and their thought become light, as if their body would want to jump up into the air. When the coarser breathings have quite stopped, thought proceeds with the mental image of the ,subtle breathings as its object. When these also have stopped, the n1ental image of the object becon1es increasingly more and more subtle.

H) When he was Sankhapala, the cobra-king, sixteen , village boys made eight holes in his body with sharp spears, inserted thomy creepers into the holes, passed a tight string through his nose, and carried him along on ,f,t" ~, pole, while he experienced much pain from his boqy being dragged along the ground. ------... -to ashes by merely looking at them. But, opened his eyes, he did not show the -,,--------. anger. 55 (i) And not only these, but many other wonderful deeds he performed, as for instance in the birth story of Matuposaka, and others.

We give here the gist of what Buddhaghosa has to say about the first truth of ill. For the other three the reader must be referred to the Visuddhimagga (xvi 61-83). IV lb. The sixteen aspects of the four truths, greatly prized in later tradition, have been included as an example of a rather advanced form of meditation, fit only for saints. The four tniths are by no means the ABC of Buddhism, to be grasped immediately by the average educated person; as some Buropean 'books seem to suggest. Originally they were statements about the nature of the world and the deliverance from it.

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