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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–5): J. R. Tata
Chapter 2 Poly(A) RNA of the Egg Cytoplasm: Structural Resemblance to the Nuclear RNA of Somatic Cells (pages 6–24): Eric H. Davidson, Howard T. Jacobs, Terry L. Thomas, Barbara R. Hough?Evans and Roy J. Britten
Chapter three Induction of Chromosome Replication in the course of Maturation of Amphibian Oocytes (pages 25–43): Ronald A. Laskey, Richard M. Harland and Marcel Mechali
Chapter four Retroviruses and Mouse Embryos: A version method during which to review Gene Expression in improvement and Differentiation (pages 44–62): Rudolf Jaenisch
Chapter five The rules of Yolk Protein Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster (pages 63–79): Mary Bownes, Maureen Dempster and Mairearad Blair
Chapter 6 Higher?Order Structural Determinants for Expression of the Ovalbumin Gene relatives (pages 80–95): William E. Stumph, Melvyn Baez, George M. Lawson, Ming?Jer Tsai and Bert W. O'Malley
Chapter 7 Hormonal law and Expression of Vitellogenin Multigene kin (pages 96–110): Jamshed R. Tata, Tharappel C. James, Cheryl S. Watson, John L. Williams and Alan P. Wolffe
Chapter eight diet service Proteins in the course of Embryonic improvement in Birds and Mammals (pages 111–136): P. R. Adiga and C. V. Ramana Murty
Chapter nine Steroid and Peptide keep an eye on Mechanisms in Membrane of Xenopus zaevis Oocytes Resuming Meiotic department (pages 137–158): Etienne?Emile Baulieu and Sabine Schorderet?Slatkine
Chapter 10 Nature and motion of the Mediators Inducing Maturation of the Starfish Oocyte (pages 159–177): Haruo Kanatani
Chapter eleven Somatic keep an eye on of Protein Synthesis in Mammalian Oocytes in the course of Maturation (pages 178–196): R. M. Moor and J. C. Osborn
Chapter 12 The Legacy from the Oocyte and its position in Controlling Early improvement of the Mouse Embryo (pages 197–227): Hester P.M. Pratt, Virginia N. Bolton and Katy A. Gudgeon
Chapter thirteen The Oocyte as an Endocytic telephone (pages 228–248): R. A. Wallace, Lee Opresko, H. S. Wiley and Kelly Selman
Chapter 14 The Oocyte as a Secretory mobilephone (pages 249–267): A. Colman, D. Cutler, P. Krieg and G. Valle
Chapter 15 The Molecular foundation of Sperm?Egg interplay within the Sea Urchin (pages 268–296): Daniel P. Rossignol and William J. Lennarz
Chapter sixteen remaining feedback (pages 297–299):

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These results demonstrate a n efficient de novo methylation activity which appears to be involved in the repression of genes introduced into pluripotent embryonic cells and is not observed in cells of the postimplantation embryo or in differentiated cells growing in culture. Integration of M-MuLV into the germ line can lead to recessive lethal mutations. This has been shown for the Mov-13 substrain, as animals homozygous at the Mov-13 locus die between Days 13 and 14 of embryogenesis. This suggests that viral integration occurred in a chromosomal region that is active during, and crucial for, embryonic development.

One of the most surprising adaptations, however, is the extent to which egg cytoplasm mimics the behaviour of a nucleus. It conserves or even ligates DNA, rather than degrading it like oocyte cytoplasm; it assembles DNA into chromatin, transcribes it and replicates it. Thus the entire egg behaves like a nucleus. These properties are not true of oocyte cytoplasm but arise at the time of germinal vesicle breakdown, providing one of the more remarkable features of the molecular biology of egg maturation.

A) Side view of changes in egg shape during one cell cycle. (B) Oscillations in egg height through eight cell cycles. Redrawn from the data of Hara et al (1980). studies have been partly confused by differences in relative emphasis of the two conclusions which emerge. The first conclusion is that there are quantitative differences between different templates (Harland & Laskey 1980, McTiernan & Stambrook 1980, Watanabe & Taylor 1980, Hines & Benbow 1982, Chambers et all982). 3 times larger (Harland & Laskey 1980).

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