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A Doody's middle name for 2015.

The most modern, easy-to-use advisor to the prognosis, knowing, and remedy of the clinical difficulties of youngsters from delivery via adolescence

For greater than 70 years, professors, scholars, and clinicians have depended on LANGE for high quality, present, concise scientific info in a handy, cheap, moveable structure. no matter if for coursework, clerkships, USMLE prep, distinctiveness board overview, or sufferer care, there is a LANGE e-book that promises success.

All themes completely up-to-date with the most recent examine and findings.

  • Organized by means of normal themes and via organ systems
  • Provides concise, evidence-based info on quite a lot of pediatric health conditions normally encountered in day-by-day scientific practice
  • Includes distinctive descriptions of illnesses in addition to diagnostic and healing procedures
  • Presented within the time-saving LANGE present variety: challenge, necessities of prognosis, scientific Findings, Differential analysis, remedy, and Prognosis
  • Features quite a few tables and figures that offer easy accessibility to big info akin to acute and demanding care systems within the hospital, emergency room, and demanding care unit
  • Delivers succinct, authoritative overviews of significant pediatric health and wellbeing matters comparable to early life meals and consuming issues, substance abuse, psychiatric issues, baby abuse, oral drugs and dentistry, immunization, and emergencies and injuries
  • Complete with necessary advisor to basic laboratory values

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Neurologic 8 Muscular Disorders ŠŠŠŠŠŠSita Kedia, MD, Kelly Knupp, MD ŠŠŠŠŠŠTeri Schreiner, MD, MPH, Michele L. Yang, MD ŠŠŠŠŠŠPaul M. Levisohn, MD, Paul G. Moe, MD ŠŠŠŠŠŠNeurological Assessment 8 Neurodiagnostics ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠHistory 8 Examination ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠDiagnostic Testing ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPediatric Neuroradiologic Procedures ŠŠŠŠŠŠDisorders Affecting the Nervous System in Infants 8 Children ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAltered States of Consciousness ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSeizure Disorders (Epilepsies) ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSleep Disorders ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠHeadaches ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPseudotumor Cerebri (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠCerebrovascular Disease ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠCongenital Malformations of the Nervous System ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAbnormal Head Size ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠNeurocutaneous Dysplasias ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠCentral Nervous System Degenerative Disorders of Infancy 8 Childhood ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAtaxias of Childhood ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAcute Ataxias of Childhood ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠCongenital Causes of Chronic 8 Episodic Ataxias ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠIntermittent/Episodic Ataxias ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠProgressive Ataxias ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠExtrapyramidal Disorders ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠCerebral Palsy ŠŠŠŠŠŠInfections 8 Inflammatory Disorders of the Central Nervous System ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠBacterial Meningitis ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠBrain Abscess ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠViral Infections ŠŠŠŠŠŠEncephalopathy of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠOther Infections ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠNoninfectious Inflammatory Disorders of the Central Nervous System ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠOther Parainfectious Encephalopathies ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠMultiple Sclerosis ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSyndromes Presenting as Acute Flaccid Weakness ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠDisorders of Childhood Affecting Muscles ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠBenign Acute Childhood Myositis ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠMyasthenic Syndromes ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPeripheral Nerve Palsies ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠChronic Polyneuropathy ŠŠŠŠŠŠMiscellaneous Neuromuscular Disorders ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠFloppy Infant Syndrome ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠWeb Resources 26.

King, MSN, RN, CPNP ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPain Assessment ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAcute Pain ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠChronic Pain Management ŠŠŠŠŠŠPediatric Palliative 8 End-of-Life Care ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠIntroduction ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠChildren Who May Benefit From Palliative Care Interventions ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPain Management in Pediatric Palliative Care ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠQuality-of-Life Adjuncts 8 Symptom Management in Pediatric Palliative Care ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPsychosocial Aspects of Pediatric Palliative Care ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠChildren舗s Concept of Death ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSpiritual 8 Cultural Support ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠWithdrawal of Medical Life Support ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠAdvance Care Planning 33.

Sports Medicine ŠŠŠŠŠŠRachel A. Coel, MD, PhD, FAAP, CAQSM ŠŠŠŠŠŠQuynh B. Hoang, MD, FAAP, CAQSM ŠŠŠŠŠŠArmando Vidal, MD ŠŠŠŠŠŠBasic Principles ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠFitness 8 Conditioning ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSports Nutrition ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠPreparticipation Physical Evaluation ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠRehabilitation of Sports Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠCommon Sports Medicine Issues 8 Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠInfectious Diseases ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠHead 8 Neck Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠSpine Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠShoulder Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠElbow Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠHand 8 Wrist Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠHip Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠKnee Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠFoot 8 Ankle Injuries ŠŠŠŠŠŠPrevention 28.

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