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By Sorgenfrei Th., Buch A.

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Cibicides formosus. 40 (Flyvbjerg N o . 1 cont'd & Frederikshavn N o . 1) 520 - 777 m. Lower Cretaceous. Claystone and clay, dark greyish black. Basal 30 m . : sand, white, loose, fine to medium grained. (Lersten og ler, gråsort; forneden: sand, hvidt, fint til mellemkornet). , Epistomina spinulifera, Epistomina caracolla. 111 - 951 m. Upper Jurassic, Malm. Sand, white, fine grained, glauconitic, micaceous, locally with claystone or clay, greyish green, silty. (Sand, hvidt, finkornet, glaukonit- og glimmerholdigt, stedvis med lersten eller ler, grågrønt, finsandet).

Hele afsnittet med anhydrit). 1 3 8 4 - 1 4 1 6 m. Rot. Claystone, greenish grey to grey and reddish brown, (4542'-4647') interbedded with anhydrite, light grey, finely crystalline with rock salt. (Lersten, grønliggrå til grå og rødligbrun afvekslende med lysegrå anhydrit, finkrystallinsk med stensalt). 1 4 1 6 - 1 4 2 9 m. Rot. Claystone, greyish brown to varicoloured, reddish (4647'-4689') brown. (Lersten, gråligbrun, broget til rødligbrun). Chara oogoniae. 1 4 2 9 - 1 4 6 5 m. Sandstone, finegrained with thin beds of claystone, reddish (4689-4807') brown, micaceous, with anhydrite.

Globotruncana spp. (Frederikshavn N o . 2 cont'd & N o . 3) 325 - 332 m. (1065'—1089') 332 - 548 m. (1089 -1798') 5 4 8 - 615 m. (1798'—2019') 615 - 728 m. (2019'—2389') 728 - 880 m. (2389'—2887') 880 - 960 m. (2887 -3149') 960 -1006 m. (3149'-3299') 1006 -1076 m. (3299'—3531') 43 Cenomanian. Siltstone, light grey, with glauconite. (Finsandsten, lysegrå med glaukonit). Gavelinopsis cenomanica. Lower Cretaceous. Sand, interbedded with silty clay and silt. (Sand afvekslende med finsandet ler og finsand).

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