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By Smith A.B., Batten D.J. (Eds.

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T h i s is t h e only c o m p o u n d scleractinian coral t o o c c u r w i t h a n y frequency in t h e Chalk. O c c u r r e n c e . C o n i a c i a n - S a n t o n i a n ; u n c o m m o n b u t w i d e s p r e a d in south­ east E n g l a n d . EXPLANATION OF PLATE 5 Fig. 1 . Parasmilia centralis (Mantell). Santonian, Canterbury, Kent; lateral view of corallite; X 2 - 2 . Figs 2 - 3 . Moltkia sp. 2 . Lower Campanian, Salisbury, Wiltshire; attachment base of root-like form; 3, Lower Santonian, Kent; sheet-like form attached to echinoid; both x 1 -6.

T h e Gelatinosan wall consists o f three layers: (1) an external d e r m a l layer o f flattened cells; (2) a g e l a t i n o u s m e d i a n strand; a n d (3) an i n n e r gastral surface layer of c h o a n o c y t e s . In m o r e a d v a n c e d forms the c h o a n o c y t e s are restricted to flagellated c h a m b e r s . The canal system of the Gelatinosa passages which open on opposite sides passages m a y b e lined w i t h c h o a n o c y t e discharge into t h e e x h a l a n t c a n a l s .

T h e o s c u l u m is cylindrical a n d extends n e a r l y t h e entire length o f t h e s p o n g e . N o distinctive canals. O c c u r r e n c e . C o n i a c i a n - C a m p a n i a n ; s o u t h e r n E n g l a n d to Y o r k s h i r e . Suborder TETRACLADINA F a m i l y HALLIRHOIDAE G e n u s SIPHONIA EXPLANATION OF PLATE 3 Figs 1-2. Pharetrospongia slrahani Sollas. Turonian, Pertwood, near Warminster, Wiltshire. 1, xO-7; 2, xO-1. Figs 3 - 4 . Stauronema carteri Sollas. Lower Cenomanian, M.

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