New PDF release: The Ghost Brigades (The second book in the Old Man's War

By John Scalzi

The Ghost Brigades are the exact Forces of the Colonial protection Forces, elite troops produced from the DNA of the useless and become the appropriate squaddies for the CDF's hardest operations. they are younger, they're quick and powerful, and they are absolutely with no common human qualms.The universe is a deadly position for humanity--and it really is approximately to develop into way more risky. 3 races that people have clashed with earlier than have allied to halt our enlargement into house. Their linchpin: the turncoat army scientist Charles Boutin, who is aware the CDF's greatest army secrets and techniques. To succeed, the CDF needs to discover why Boutin did what he did. Jared Dirac is the one human who provides solutions -- a superhuman hybrid, made from Boutin's DNA, Jared's mind may be in a position to entry Boutin's digital stories. but if the reminiscence transplant seems to be to fail, Jared is given to the Ghost Brigades. At first, Jared is an ideal soldier, yet as Boutin's thoughts slowly floor, Jared starts to intuit the reason's for Boutin's betrayal. As Jared desperately hunts for his "father," he also needs to come to grips together with his personal offerings. Time is operating out: The alliance is getting ready its offensive, and a few of them plan worse issues than humanity's mere army defeat…

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English intro
Perry Rhodan is the identify of a technological know-how fiction sequence released considering the fact that 1961 in Germany, in addition to the identify of its major personality. it's a area opera, facing all significant topics of technological know-how fiction. Having offered over billion copies in pulp e-book structure all over the world, it's the such a lot winning technological know-how fiction booklet sequence ever written.
Perry Rhodan Neo is a reboot of the storyline beginning within the 12 months 2036 rather than 1971.
For additional info at the subject material, see the English Wikipedia article on Perry Rhodan and/or the corresponding German Wikipedia article.

Deutsche Einführung
Perry Rhodan ist der Titelheld der gleichnamigen deutschen Science-Fiction-Serie, die seit dem eight. September 1961 ununterbrochen wöchentlich in shape von Heftromanen mit einer Druckauflage von etwa eighty. 000 Heften (Stand: Jahr 2011) erscheint. Insgesamt sind bisher 2700 Hefte mit run a hundred and sixty. 000 Seiten erschienen, deren Geschichten einen Zeitraum von über 3000 Jahren umfassen (Stand: Mai 2013).
Am 30. September 2011 startete parallel zur alten Serie eine Neufassung additionally Perry Rhodan Neo, mit dem Untertitel „Die Zukunft beginnt von vorn“. In dieser landet Perry Rhodan erst im Jahr 2036 auf dem Mond. Die Serie erscheint zweiwöchentlich und ist nach drei Staffeln mit je acht Taschenheften ab Heft 25 in Staffeln mit jeweils zwölf Romanen gegliedert.
Während die Perry-Rhodan-Heftromanserie von den geopolitischen Begebenheiten der realen Welt Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts ausging und die Handlung in einer nahen Zukunft beginnen ließ, geht Perry Rhodan Neo 50 Jahre später von der realen Welt des frühen 21. Jahrhunderts aus und beginnt ebenfalls in einer nahen Zukunft. So fliegt Perry Rhodan nicht im Jahre 1971 zum Mond, sondern erst 2036. Die Handlung nimmt somit aufgrund der geänderten Ausgangslage einen alternativen Verlauf. Die klassischen rationale der Serie werden ebenfalls in eine nahe Zukunft verlagert und entsprechend interpretiert. Es werden neue Figuren eingeführt und bekannte Figuren in einem neuen Licht gezeigt.
Die Serie ist somit nicht kanonisch in Bezug auf das klassische Perryversum. Nach der Aussage Klaus N. Fricks auf dem five. Weltcon 2011 in Mannheim wird es auch keine Überschneidungen oder Referenzen zwischen den Serien wie zu den Atlan-Serien geben. Perry Rhodan und Perry Rhodan Neo bilden jeweils einen „eigenen Kosmos“.

Zyklus: 7. Zyklus: Epetran
Handlung und weitere Informationen (Achtung: Spoiler! ): Perrypedia: PRN63

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First order of business,:: Curie said, as she and Jared walked through Phoenix Station. :: Jared’s first impulse was to say I don’t understand, but he held back, intuiting for the first time that this was likely to be his response to most things in the near future. ::Please explain,:: he said instead. ::You are newly born,:: Curie said. ::Your brain—your actual brain—is entirely empty of knowledge and experience. In its place, a computer inside your head known as a BrainPal is feeding you knowledge and information.

But I’m only a day old. :: This got pings of amusement, and a smile from Brahe. ::We are born to this, but we’re not slaves,:: Brahe said. ::We serve a term of service. Ten years. After that, we can choose to retire. Become like the realborn and colonize. There’s even a colony set aside for us. Some of us go there; some of us choose to blend in with the realborn in the other colonies. But most of us stay with the Special Forces. :: Jared asked. ::It’s what I was born for,:: Brahe repeated. ::And I’m good at it.

Some of his future training mates smiled at his primitive form of communication. None of them returned the salutation. ::I don’t think I’m off to a good start,:: Jared sent to Brahe. ::They’re waiting to say their introductions after you’ve integrated,:: Brahe said. :: Jared asked. ::Now,:: Brahe said, and integrated Jared with his training mates. Jared had about a tenth of a second of mild surprise as his BrainPal informed him that as his superior officer, Brahe had limited access to his BrainPal, and then that datum was superseded by the fact that suddenly there were fifteen other people in Jared’s head, and he was in the heads of fifteen other people.

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